I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding service I received from your company. It is refreshing to find a company that surrounds itself in excellence. You and your employees were conscientious, courteous, and extremely competent. I truly appreciate the extra efforts put forth to resolve our problems during the very busy holiday season.
Scott – Owner of a business in Ambridge
The thing that makes me happy is that my wife is happy with Humbert Heating and that is all that matters.
Jeff in Beaver
Ray Humbert is an excellent professional. He is very knowledgeable and a real craftsman at his work.
Bill in Coraopolis
We got what we wanted, when we wanted it, and for the right price.
Terry in Monaca
Just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying the comfort of a warm home, Thanks to the installation of our new boiler, it was a pleasure to have you in our home. I have told several people already about the excellent work that was performed. From the time that I first made contact till the job was complete was truly remarkable.
Very Good and Dependable Service
Gregg – Rochester Homeowner
We had two furnaces and now we have just one which is great. It saved us money and it is just as warm everywhere in the house as the two were. Thank you for a great furnace.
Gary- Monaca Homeowner
He did not have the part, drove ten miles back to get it in a storm. Very professional, the evening hours were great and very courteous.
Jacqueline in Beaver Falls
They come in a short period of time. I have recommended them to my friends. Ray is concerned and gives you a personal touch. Very Reliable.
Ed in Beaver
Thank you So Much for all the hours of work that was done on our behalf.
John and Terri – Monaca Homeowners
I like them because they send someone out quickly and clean up after themselves.
Annie – Homeowner in Center
Mike and Tim are very knowledgeable technicians. The problem was resolved and we are very well pleased
Richard in Monaca
Many thanks for all you have done for my family. While packing my new trailer, on a Friday afternoon, for a weekend trip my son told me the water heater died. Even though it was an unusual problem the guy's got it fixed with special parts that required them to make a couple trips. We were able to enjoy the weekend. Before I even got the Thank You done, we had another crisis. We had a double unit trip out at the power plant where I work. When I called home to tell my wife I was forced to stay over, she said the air conditioner died, a Saturday this time. Who could expect help on a hot weekend? But you said you would be here and sure enough when I got home and really needed some sleep the house was cool. Not to mention all the help you have given my mother over the years. I tell everyone these stories and say, "If you need help, call Humbert Heating, they are the best people you could ever get"!!
Ernie - Monaca Homeowner
Our service request was responded to very promptly…faster than we ever expected. They went out of their way to get us heat as soon as possible.
Jason and Tonya – Aliquippa Homeowners
I am real satisfied overall.
Robert in Monaca
I am impressed with the promptness and expertise of Ray.
Paul in Monaca
Tim is very courteous and clean and polite. They are very efficient. When I call they are always here right away.
Ed in Monaca
Ray and Tim were quick and efficient and reasonable. Wow!
Clemens and Sarah –Beaver Falls Homeowners
I was very satisfied with the job.
Ann in Monaca
You are a very professional dealer. The job downstairs looks nice and I am very happy with it.
Richard in Industry
I am very happy with the fellow I dealt with. He was on time as scheduled.
Judy – Monaca Homeowner
The service was OUTSTANDING. The product is very good, and the warranty is excellent.
James in New Brighton
Our service was an emergency and the technician came out in about 15 minutes during zero degree weather.
Pete in New Brighton
The professionalism and honesty of the personnel is the best. They were wonderful and I would recommend them highly.
John in Monaca
We got prompt and efficient service. They were excellent.
Jim and Theresa – Monaca Homeowners
The repair was quick. I got prompt service. They have very professional technicians and staff. It was a very pleasurable experience.
David in Monaca
The best part was the fact that they had the part in stock.
Dennis in and Roberta in Monaca
We were very well satisfied with the service. They came when I called. They cleaned up when they were done.
The Schwertz Family
I cannot believe how easy everything went. The overall experience made me very comfortable.
Ralph – Baden Homeowner
What a quick response!
David in Monaca
We got very courteous and friendly service.
Ukrainian Club
The new furnace keeps our house warm. I Love the 10 Year Warranty and the professional people I worked with.
Mary in New Brighton
The best thing was the knowledge of the personnel.
Janet and Robert in Aliquippa
Ray is the best service man I ever had. They are always available within a few hours. I am very satisfied. Everything was done exactly the way I wanted it done.
Tom in Beaver
I am very satisfied with the overall performance of my furnace and the overall reliability of your company.
Helen in Monaca
You got there quickly and took care of everything.
Little Super
I was surprised that Ray came out as quickly as he did and the equipment was back up and running in half an hour. We got excellent Service.
The Krall family
They are a very reliable and stable company.
John – Beaver Homeowner
We were extremely happy with the speed at which we were able to have our system installed. We were also very pleased with the quietness of the system.
George in Aliquippa
They came when they said they would!
Merrill in Big Beaver
They were very efficient and they explained things to me.
Alfred in Monaca
The service was courteous and the product works well.
Tom and Betty in Aliquippa
He was very honest in telling me about a coupon in the flyer.
A customer in Monaca
I was very impressed that Ray cared what I thought. They were very fast and efficient and they cleaned up. They are wonderful. I would have them again and I tell all my friends how great they are.
Thelma – Beaver Homeowner
The technician was very responsive and professional. I feel like I got my money's worth.
Michelle in Monaca
They were here within one half hour during the hours of twelve midnight and four am.
The Bufalini family
When I call them they make a great effort to get out right away.
The Leonard family
They satisfy you completely at any hour of the day or night.
Harry Hopewell homeowner
What a very nice bunch of guys. We are well satisfied with our installation.
Jim in Beaver Falls